Crowell Roberts Investment Advisors

Crowell Roberts Investment Advisor specializes in managing stocks and stock portfolios for individual investors, trusts, pension funds and retirement accounts. We create, implement and manage individual investment strategies for each of our clients. This is typically made up of stocks or a basket of stocks whose overall goal is capital appreciation and growth by investing in companies with strong earnings, superior growth and profit potential. Crowell Roberts, a Laguna Beach-based registered investment advisor has been advising clients about successful stock investing, individual stocks, the stock market, building quality stock portfolios and the international markets since 1995.

Learn How Crowell Roberts Investment Advisors Help Clients Create Successful Investment Strategies

Stock MarketOur goal is to pick stocks that will grow and increase in value over time. Crowell Roberts Investment Advisors works with each client individually to understand their needs and objectives so that we can design an investment strategy and stock portfolio that will meet their specific requirements.

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Investment Strategy: Emerging Markets Will Reward Patient Investors

Global Stock InvestingIn the next three decades the world's fast-growing economies, Asia, South America, India, Indonesia and Russia, will far surpass America and the rest of the developed world. Patient investors can take advantage of this rewarding opportunity by investing in companies that have exposure to these rapidly expanding economies.

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Read Our Investment Blog To Stay Informed About Stock Market Action, Investment Strategies And Specific Stock Picks

Nasdaq Stock MarketEach week Crowell Roberts Investment Advisors reviews the stock market, the economy, stock investing and stocks in general in our investment blog. We recap the week’s stock market news, offer specific stock picks, highlight our investment strategy and look for stocks that poised to move higher.

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