Emerging Market Investment Opportunities

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In the next 30 years the world's fast-growing emerging market economies, Asia, South America, India, and Russia, will far surpass America and the rest of the developed world.

The world has shrunk almost to a single intertwined financial market of goods, services and the investment securities that provide their financial backing. The United States economy is second only to the European Union in size. Its open and competitive marketplaces combined with its leadership in many areas of technology and medical research makes it still the most attractive all round area for stocks.

Many large successful companies are true multinationals, able to expand their sales and expand their research in almost all areas of the world. Their stocks are usually traded on American exchanges, permitting easy access to their growth potential.

The emerging market areas, usually referred to as the “BRIC” countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), offer higher growth rates than generally available in the United States and the European Union. They also present differing issues that add challenges to the successful calculations of investment risk. Brazil and Russia have economies anchored on the development of huge petrochemical reserves while China and India both have large and increasingly productive labor forces that are driving their high growth rates. Another strong economic contender is Indonesia. None offers the open and regulated fairness of American or European markets but these factors are improving under the demands of global trade growth.

America’s neighbors, Mexico and Canada, also offer often-overlooked stocks in attractively priced growth and energy companies. There are other areas of opportunity, including Japan, Korea and nations in the Southern Hemisphere. All these provide additional areas for above average returns provided care is taken to insure an adequate measure of safety.