Successful Stock Investing

We Help Our Clients Increase Their Net Worth Through Successful Stock Investing.

We listen to our clients, taking into consideration each of their unique and individual investment needs and objectives. This will likely vary for each client. Our primary goal is to outperform the market during a typical investment cycle.

After an initial consultation, we open a stock brokerage account with a discount firm, usually the Advisor division of TD Ameritrade or Scottrade and initiate stock transfers from existing accounts if needed to provide initial funding for your new account. This new account provides online access to both the client and the advisor, ensuring client access to all positions and trades 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Control of funds remains with the client. Preservation of capital, growth and risk tolerance along with present or future income needs are all taken into consideration when building a stock portfolio.

Once a new account is opened, we individually tailor a portfolio to match the circumstances and needs of each individual client. Initially the portfolio is positioned to diversify stock holdings among industries with the majority of the portfolio in large caps with global reach. Typically, a client’s portfolio will be grounded in larger international stocks including manufacturing, financial, energy, technology and consumer companies with a smaller portion in smaller companies. Fees are assessed after each quarter at 0.3% of the closing investment asset base up to $500,000, decreasing thereafter for larger accounts. On-going stock repositioning occurs on an as needed basis. The intent is to preserve and grow capital at a rate above the benchmark Standard & Poor's 500 index.