We Are Investment Advisors

Crowell Roberts Is a Financial Asset Advisory Firm That Manages Stock Portfolios For Individual Accounts, Pension Funds And Retirement Accounts.

We manage stock portfolios for our clients with the overall goal of capital preservation and growth by investing in companies with superior growth and profit potential in the United States as well as throughout the rest of the world. Each of our client’s accounts are supervised separately on a continuing basis, thus permitting our designation under U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission rules as “Investment Counsel”. We tailor our stock portfolios to meet the needs and objectives of our individual clients, diversifying among industries and market capitalization's with the majority of the portfolio in large caps and stocks with a global reach. Typically, a client’s portfolio will be grounded in stocks of larger international companies including industrial, financial, energy, technological and consumer sectors with a smaller portion of the portfolio invested in smaller companies.

Tony Cowell Investment Advisor

Tony Crowell began Crowell Roberts in 1995 after managing a stock brokerage firm in the 1980’s and has been successfully managing stocks from Laguna Beach, California for over 13 years. Tony graduated from the Naval Academy in 1957 and later from the University of Virginia Law School, paying the way with successful stock trades including some made from sleepy cable offices in Vietnam. He also began law practice, first in New York and later in Newport Beach. His law degree has often proven useful in analyzing economic cycles and the complex businesses operations of potential investments throughout the world. Tony discusses the stock market, investing, investment strategy in his weekly investment blog and also as a newspaper columnist for the Laguna Beach Independent.